Going Back to My Roost

A traditional amp back on the market

In the 1970’s the Roost three valve amp was a top performer, providing some of the cleanest and authentic sounds of the time. Unfortunately it went out of production in the 1980’s but it is still widely used and valued by musicians. Some will know of its history at the Frankfurt Music show where Roost Amplification was an alternative to Marshall and Hi Watt. However the move to Audio Fidelity  and Liner Products could not maintain these high quality standards

But now it’s back! Built to the same demanding specification, this traditional British valve amp is back on the market. Its quality and build is outstanding – and musicians know this. The hand wiring and turret board is part of the clean sounding 100w and 50w valve amp head and the 2×12 session master combo.

‘How come no one else managed to get this sound with a 2×12 cabinet’  is a well known comment about Roost from people who has played through the 2×12 cabinet.

The sound it produces is widely used in a variety of music environments  – from jazz to rock. It is making a comeback alongside a limited range of traditionally made cabinets including 4×12, 2×12, 1×12 and 12” monitors.

If YOU want a proven product, traditionally made to the original Roost high quality specification that provides the CLEANEST sound –

COME BACK TO YOUR ROOST!  Bring the past into the future.

New Roost 1x12

New Roost 1x12